Written on the body, Jeanette Winterson

2015-02-12 21.53.17I really enjoyed about 50% of this book.  Part of it was quite an interesting story of infidelity, relationships and struggling to do the right thing even if it hurts you. The other part felt like pretentious, self-indulgent waffle. Luckily it was also very short.

It is really toward the latter part of the book, when you get chapters called “The skin” and “The skeleton” that it began to lose me and I began skimming at speed. I think these chapters are probably meant to be a bit racy, but I was halfway through a story and suddenly there are just endless descriptions of different parts of the body and how exciting/sexy/dead they are.  BUT WHAT ABOUT THE WOMAN WHO MIGHT BE DYING???????? No, we are just going to wax lyrical about the fierce beauty of shoulder blades. I DON’T CARE ABOUT SHOULDER BLADES!!!!!!


I did enjoy the fact that we never found out the name or gender of the protagonist though.

In summary, much like the curate’s egg, it was good in parts.

5 thoughts on “Written on the body, Jeanette Winterson

  1. I think you’ve got to be in the mood for Jeanette Winterson. I started to read ‘Why be happy when you could be normal’ and really didn’t like it. A year later I tried it again and couldn’t put it down.

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    • Well, I have two more Jeanette Wintersons to read so hopefully I will hit one of them in the right mood. I really enjoyed the first half of this book – the story drew me in and I wanted to know what happened – but then in the second half there was this weird interlude that you had to get through before the story resumed. And by then it had sort of lost some of the magic.


    • Thanks, Alysha. I’m trying desperately not to add to my reading list this year, but I will add it to the list for next year. It looks like a great premise for a story – just the sort of thing I would love. Good luck with it!

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