The autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, Scott Frost

2015-02-26 15.40.26I’ve never watched Twin Peaks, so I have no idea if this book is true to the show, or in any way helpful to those who have watched it.  To the uninitiated it is a quick, harmless read that will pleasantly pass an hour or so, but then immediately fade from your memory.

So, before it does, a quick synopsis: This book follows Dale Cooper from the day he gets a tape recorder for Christmas through to the day he heads off as an FBI agent to solve a murder at Twin Peaks. The book takes the form of diary entries that he records on his tape recorder.  These start with a 13-year-old’s interest in becoming the best Eagle Scout ever, to his discovery of the existence of girls, and then we follow him as he heads to university and ultimately begins his career in the FBI. We also see him cope with the premature death of his mother, his father’s remarriage and his own struggles with women.  It is clear that Dale is very bright but has atrocious taste in women.

One intriguing thing to, literally, come out of the book was this picture which was acting as a bookmark. E professes ignorance as to why she had cut out and treasured this picture.


It could be that fans of Twin Peaks would get a lot more out of this as it would fill in some back story, but otherwise I wouldn’t rush to read it.  It wasn’t badly written, or painful, just a bit unremarkable.

4 thoughts on “The autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, Scott Frost

  1. To describe that as a ‘niche’ book would be an understatement, but to read it having not even seen the series is hilarious! I loved ‘Twin Peaks’. The first season is a masterpiece, although admittedly, it does trail off a bit after that. I watched it again recently and despite the distraction of bad 80s hair and fashion, it remains unsurpassed in glossy surreal plot twists and characterisation. Having read the back story of Agent Cooper, I feel it is your duty to the blogosphere to now watch the series and report back! 🙂

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