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Star Trek Deep Space 9 6: Betrayal, Lois Tilton

2015-03-13 21.59.36We’ve read a lot of Star Trek books so far this year, so now it is time to test your skills. Could you use everything we’ve learnt so far to make the same decisions as Captain Sisko?  Are you a safe pair of hands for the Federation to leave in charge? Do you know your Cardassians from your elbow? Find out now with our all new ‘How Sisko are you?’ Quiz based on “real life” scenarios in today’s book.

Star Fleet Quiz: How Sisko Are You?

Q1:You had promised your errant son a fun day trip in a little spaceship but, just as a diplomatic group from somewhere or other arrives, a bomb goes off in the docking port they were going to use. Do you:

a) Think ‘sod it, Jake’s only young once, the wee rascal’ and nip out for a quick spin anyway

b) Pull on your tight dress uniform and spotless gloves and hightail it to the new docking port to soothe ruffled feathers and welcome the delegation, leaving your son to brood and get into mischief

c) Leap at the chance to get your hands dirty and work out who the bomber is.

Q2: A giant Cardassian warship appears unexpectedly and wants to dock on Deep Space 9. They aren’t very polite about it. If you were Captain Sisko would you:

a) Blow them to smithereens. How dare they threaten you???

b) Find them a space to dock, even though the main ports are already full and there is a killer on the loose and you could do without them.  It sure sucks having to do the right thing.

c) Pretend you haven’t heard them calling and go and drown your sorrows in space grog before they storm the space station and all hell breaks loose.

Q3: There are trade delegations on board from all the worlds in the Federation when another bomb goes off.  Do you:

a) Spend hours assuring the ambassadors that everything is fine and they should carry on as normal.  After all, with Kira and Odo on the case, the killer is bound to turn up soon.

b) Advise everyone to go home, after all, you wouldn’t want a really serious diplomatic incident if one of them got killed.

c) Buckle on your spaceboots and hunt down the killer yourself.  There is only one man for this job and it’s Sisko!

Q4: The Cardassians tell you that a Cardassian traitor has fled on to Deep Space 9 and is hiding out.  Do you: 

a) Seriously? There is a terrorist bomber on board and you want me to care about one little escapee??

b) Assume any enemy of the Cardassians is a friend of yours and try to find and help him

c) Assume he is a rotter and tell security to track him down so you can immediately hand him over to the Cardassians and get them off your back

Q5: You discover the Cardassians were the ones who planted the bomb on the warp core  (or something) that is designed to completely blow up DS9.  Do you:

a) Sneakily move the bomb onto the Cardassian spaceship so that they end up blowing themselves to smithereens. I mean, loads of people will die but they are Cardassians so who cares?

b) Invite the Chief Cardassian over to sort it out like men do with fists and phasers.

c) Call the Federation for backup.  It’s time they knew who they were messing with.


Q1: a=1 point, b=3 points, c=2 points

Q2: a=1 point, b=3 points, c=2 points

Q3: a=3 points, b=1 point, c=2 points

Q4: a=2 points, b=1 point, c=3 points

Q5: a=3 points, b=2 points, c=1 point

How did you do?

1-5 Points:  As Sisko as a Ferengi

Face it, punk, you couldn’t organise a parade on the parade let alone lead an intergalactic space station.  With the diplomatic skills of an angry Cardassian, you’ve no future in Star Fleet Command.

6-10 Points: As Sisko as a Bajoran Major with an attitude problem

You’d make a great space station number two, like Major Kira, but, let’s face it, you are way too hot headed to avoid all the pitfalls of space.

11-15 Points: Just call me Sisko

Congratulations! You’ve got everything it takes to run a space station and steer your crew through the murkiest of diplomatic spaceflot.  Tell all your friends to ‘just call me Sisko’ and keep your eyes peeled for your next commission, Captain.

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