Marching Onwards

20150402_111212Well, that was March.  We have smashed through the 50 books barrier and are a happy 5th of the way through the reading list for this year.  It was a pretty quiet month reading-wise with only 14 books read through but I am hopeful to reinvigorate my efforts in April, particularly by making the most of this lovely long weekend!

Other highlights have been featuring on FictionFan’s lovely blog where people were asked to choose from 4 books which one they would like FictionFan to review and, brilliantly, Mister Pip won it!

Also on the 14th March my ‘How Sisko are you?’ quiz was featured in the Trek Nation Tribune  – I’m not sure how proud to be!

The delectable pile

Quirkology: this was just a fascinating read from beginning to end.  It is a collection of quirky psychology experiments and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Two Hoots and the King: I adored the ambiguity at the heart of this book.

The secret lives of Baba Segi’s wives: This was a beautifully written story.  It captures a society on the brink of social change and beautifully explores the fragile bonds that hold families together and also tear them apart.

The defenestration pile

Antibodies: I genuinely think this is one of the worst books I have ever read.  I never really watched the X Files and after reading this I am not rejoicing about the recent announcement of the return of the X Files to our television screens.

One thought on “Marching Onwards

  1. Thanks for the links! Looking forward to reading Mister Pip – the people have spoken! 😀

    But not so many thanks for the Star Trek link – I think we both know I’m going to be spending way too much time there, don’t we? How does it feel to be an officially recognised Trekkie??


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