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Star Trek Deep Space 9 8: Antimatter, John Vornholt

2015-04-16 17.53.37Well, this was very exciting! A Deep Space 9 book that totally breaks with the usual formula! I was on tenterhooks all the way through. I never thought I would say it, but this was actually a gripping read.

It starts with Sisko and Kira watching a new starship being built on Bajor.  Now, as I’m sure you know, dear reader, starships are powered by something called antimatter.  This has two interesting properties:

  1. It is highly volatile and has to be kept in special pods or it explodes on contact with matter
  2. It is really hard to make and so totally worth stealing.

The antimatter is being shipped in by the Federation from somewhere and is due to be held on DS9 for a few days until it can be put in the new starship and everyone can carry on their merry way.  I’m sure you are beginning to see now how the plot might develop.

Yes, you guessed right, the ship delivering the antimatter was attacked by some Klingon warships that appeared from nowhere (of course) and then turned out to be in the employ of rogue Bajorans (of course).  They invade the antimatter ship and take it through the wormhole (of course) for whatever nefarious purpose they wanted.  Then for reasons I can’t remember Captain Sisko, Dax and Odo get in a tiny little ship and chase off after them.

They end up on this weird planet run by a load of insects (just go with it) and find themselves playing a double crossing negotiation role with the very people who stole the antimatter in the first place. Anyway, they have a lot of adventures and there were some really tense moments as the story twists to its ultimate conclusion.

If you have to read a Star Trek book for any reason, this is a good one to go for.

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