20150421_164455Regular readers will notice that my little blog has a brand new look and I wondered what you, dear reader, thought about it.

I changed it because it was quite hard for people to find my old reviews on the old layout, unless they wanted to scroll and scroll and scroll.  But, on the other hand, the new layout means people have to do another click to get to the full text articles.  So, I’m not entirely sure about the change but thought I would ask you for your views!

Also, do you like the teal?

For those only interested in books and not in web design I promise a new book review very soon.  It is a really interesting book too – called Pandora’s Breeches – so watch this space.

Let me know your thoughts. And, if you are a blogger, what drove your decision making in designing your blog?

5 thoughts on “Bloglift

  1. Like the teal very much and the general look. I find most of the templates are pretty rubbish for getting around, to be honest, but I also find in truth that most people only ever read the most recent post anyway. I use the Titan theme (now discontinued) because it automatically turns main categories into pages, and I index everything scrupulously. But while a few people do click around and read several reviews, most are in/out. In fact, some don’t even bother with the ‘in’ bit – they simply ‘like’ from the Reader – which since I only show the first few lines of a review must mean I’m incredibly brilliant at first lines… 😉


    • Wow – the Titan theme sounds fantastic. It is a shame they discontinued it. I was pretty disappointed with the themes too. I wanted a magaziney feel that still mean I could have the social things like my twitter feed on the main page – but I couldn’t find one that did it.

      Yes, I agree people do seem to mainly read the latest post – I like to assume that is because they have already diligiently read all the others! It took me ages to work out that people could ‘like’ straight from the reader. I couldn’t at all work out how people had managed to ‘like’ a page that had no views counted. It has made me try a lot harder to write a tempting opening line though!


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