Science Fiction

Star Trek Deep Space 9, 9: Proud Helios, Melissa Scott

2015-05-01 22.47.16Well, this was another adventure on Deep Space 9.  Sometimes I long for a book where nothing much happens and they get through the week without impending Cardassian invasion or some other problem that threatens to blow up the Space Station.  They are just very lucky to have the ever-resourceful Captain Sisko on hand.

The book features:

  • Pirates
  • A spaceship cloaking device that means your ship can’t be seen
  • Hostages
  • A Cardassian fleet invading
  • Bashir being obnoxious
  • Kira being needlessly foolhardy
  • Lots of engineering-babble
  • Redemption
  • Warp speed and tractor beams

I’m going to leave you to work out the rest of the plot for yourselves.  You probably wont be far off.

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