The books on this site are a motley crew.  Much like the denizens of Battersea Dogs Home, they have ended up here for a variety reasons, all with different back stories, but all seeking a loving home.  Some were gifts, some I inherited, others joined when E and I moved in together, still more are evidence of my unhealthy book buying habit being unable to keep up with my ability to read them.   For one reason or another I have never been tempted to take them off their shelves, blow off the dust and join them in their adventures.  Other, more pushy, books have always caught my eye or snagged my fingers as they drifted over the shelves looking for something to read.  Or old friends have called to me, and the temptations of re-reading captured my fancy.  Well, all that is now ended.  This is the year of the under-book.

In 2015 I will attempt to read 250 unread or partially read books from my bookcase.

See you in 2016!



You can contact me via bloggingaroundmybookcase@gmail.com or via twitter @bookcaseblog





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