The challenge

This site began as a New Year challenge in 2015 to read all the unread books on my bookshelf – all 250 of them! Well, I didn’t quite manage to read them all; life intervened, as it so often does.  But now in New Year 2017 I have decided to pick the blog up again- I won’t be forcing myself to read all the books on my bookcase (E’s vast collection of Star Trek books have defeated me!) but I will still capture the best and worst of books I read this year! And I will, still, read some of the outstanding books from the original list – they will just be interspersed with some I really want to read.

For historical interest though, here is the original challenge:

I knew it was serious long before our engagement.  I knew the day we agreed to throw out the duplicate books we had since moving in together. There was no turning back.

Since then the book collection has grown, and grown.  My book buying addiction is so fierce it has become a running joke amongst my colleagues.  E also jokes that I am not allowed to link my book buying websites to the joint account for fear of bankrupting us both.  Her laughter verges on the hysterical.

And yet, I have to confess that my book reading does not quite keep up pace with my acquisitive instincts.  And, despite initial enthusiasm, I have not made substantial inroads on E’s contributions to the bookcase (the reason for this may become apparent).2014-12-08 22 39 28

So, I made a rash resolution: that in 2015 I would read every unread, or partially read, book on the bookcase.  I did this without any notion of how many there were, nor quite how dubious E’s taste in books is.  But there it was: resolution made.  You can imagine my surprise on then discovering that in total that was 250 books.  In one year.  Gulp.

The rules

  1. I have to read every book, or at least make a valiant attempt (I suspect ‘Sedimentology’ may be the end of me).
  2. I have to blog a review of each book.  These will share opinions, reflections, griping and, no doubt, fun anecdotes from all the exciting things that happen when I am stuck indoors reading.
  3. Any books I buy in 2015 have to be added to this list.  This should be a disincentive to continuing my book buying spree.

Click here to see the full list of books I will be reading.

It is only 4.8 books a week.  What could possibly go wrong??

12 thoughts on “The challenge

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  2. One of the virtues of being older is the knowledge that there really won’t be time to read everyhing one wishes, so giving up after a half valient attempt does not seem so bad. Good Luck .


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  4. I’ve never even counted all the unread books on my case. You present a worthy challenge; for now, I’m just trying to read 20 of my Japanese novels over the summer!


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